stomach acid

Dark chocolate is becoming extremely popular because it is packed with nutrients such as iron, selenium, copper, potassium, zinc, fiber, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus. Due to these properties it has become the first choice whenever we feel like eating something sweet especially in situations when you are anxious, frustrated, andRead More →


Gastritis is a health condition which results from the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis inflammation results from an infection of the same bacteria that causes most stomach ulcers. The most common risk factors are regular use of certain pain relievers, injury, and consumption of excessive alcohol. ThisRead More →


Smoking is a nasty habit which is very difficult to quit. But, if you decide to do it we shall show you a solution that it will ease up the quitting process. You need to be aware that when you decide to quit smoking, the nicotine will stay in yourRead More →


This is one of the healthiest and most tasty breakfasts, because it contains vitamins and minerals that improve your skin and hair appearance, stabilize your metabolism and enhance your body. Plus, if taken every day, this breakfast will help you eliminate toxic substances from your body and cleanse your bowels.Read More →