Fruits and vegetables are often contaminated when we first purchase them. This is why after we buy them, we must remove all the pesticide off them.

These pesticides are often very toxic to use as humans, as they were made to kill off bugs and insects as well as bacteria and fungus on crops.

Research has also shown that exposure to pesticides increases the chance of having Parkinson’s disease by 70%.  But they can not be washed off only with water.

One effective method to clean fruits and veggies is to use vinegar.  This will also remove bacteria from the fruits and vegetables, up to 98% of the bacteria.  Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 3 to 1.  Soak the fruits and veggies for 10 to 20 minutes, then they should be rinsed with fresh water.

This mixture can also be added to a spray bottle and sprayed on the food.  Let them sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with water.

Other methods that can be used to remove this bacteria include :

–  1 tablespoon lemon juice mixed with 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda

–  1 tablespoon lemon juice mixed with 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

The following solution should be used if the produce has more  pesticides on them:

– 1 cup water, ½ cup apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon baking soda, and a few drops of grape-seed extract.  Soak the veggies and fruits for one hour, and then peel.

These methods are the best ways to remove harmful pesticides from the produce that we consume.  The solution for produce with heavy pesticides works great on apples.  They should be rinsed well before they are eaten, as well as peeled.  The outer levels will contain higher levels of chemicals.



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