People that have experienced arthritis know how painful this condition could be. Arthritis is causing inflammation and pain in the joints. In UK and USA there are more than 20 million people that have arthritis. This condition is mainly affecting people that are older, but also there are cases whereRead More →

bad circulation

The blood circulation is actually affected by many different factors such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, smoking, blood clots, bad lifestyle, no physical activity, and abuse of drugs. First signs of poor blood circulation actually appear very slowly, but you need to take immediate action in order to prevent further complicationsRead More →


You will easily get rid of the extra pounds with this strong, detox, energy drink that increases your metabolism, stimulates weight loss and boosts your energy. The best thing is that you can make it in a matter of minutes. Ingredients: 2 apples 2 cinnamon sticks 1 liter of waterRead More →

sinus infection

Apple cider vinegar is a remarkable natural ingredient with multi purposes in every aspect of uses. In this article we shall focus on the medicinal benefits, specifically when sinuses are concerned. For this health issue there are many pharmaceutical products, but most of them can do more damage than good.Read More →


The Chinese medicine detoxify the body through the feet, this is an ancient method which is very effective. According to the Chinese system of reflexology, feet have natural energy zones that are related to the big and important organ system in our body. Therefore, the whole body can be detoxifiedRead More →

water retention

Water retention is manifested with swollen feet and torso. Commonly it is accompanied with pain, discomfort, and even in some cases can be extremely dangerous. Edema is a health condition where the body builds up excess fluids, which can cause numerous health issues. It is followed up with obesity, stiffRead More →


If you make this amazing beverage you will clean your liver and you will dispose of additional weight without an extra effort. At the point when the body is loaded with poisons, the liver can’t perform its normal functions. For this situation the procedure of losing weight is slower and you putRead More →