It has been shown that the colon may be subject to some rather unpleasant diseases. Many people worldwide suffer from chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and other common problems associated with the digestive system. We all know that the colon has a very responsible task of eliminating waste, which meansRead More →

lose belly fat

We all know that stress and weight gain go hand in hand. Some people experience weight gain due to the “emotional eating” phenomenon or when stress is manifested by an incessant desire to eat. Chronic stress can not only increase your cortisol levels, but it also disrupts the natural rhythmRead More →


Breakfast First thing in the morning drink a large glass of water, tea or natural juice. You can eat some fruits and drink as much natural juice of your choice as you like without adding sugar until lunchtime. Lunch It is imperative to drink a large glass of water beforeRead More →


This wonderful recipe is one of the healthiest and most delicious snacks that you can try. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and very positively influences on your body. Your metabolic processes will be balanced and the skin and hair will be rejuvenated. However, the most prominent effect thatRead More →


Although there are many compelling reasons why to quit the bad habit of smoking, it takes quite a lot of motivation and self-discipline. Smoking habit nurtured for so many years was your companion with the morning coffees, boredom, and thinking, really will die hard. But we have a solution forRead More →


Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases. Its health consequences may be very serious, especially if the sufferer does not pay attention to lifestyle and quality of his/her food. If you suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes condition, we offer this 5:2 diet regiment, which will help regulate your bloodRead More →

For centuries, our ancestors were using only natural foods to relieve various ailments and treat many diseases. Many of their traditional medicines included simple ingredients that can be found in almost every household. Among these ingredients are lemon, black pepper, cayenne pepper and salt, which are highly effective against manyRead More →